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Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

Product Overview:

      The VTS, generally called in our country the vessel traffic service system, is a device with surveillance radar as core. It integrates a variety of technological means, like AIS base station, CCTV monitoring, VHF communication and meteorological/hydrological information acquisition and takes multiple target data fusion processing, comprehensive situation display control and many other software as critical support. It is an information-based system centering on vessel traffic safety management.

Product Features:

●  The surveillance radar subsystem is the core equipment for surveillance target information acquisition in the VTS can is capable of obtaining real-time traffic image of the waters under jurisdiction.

●  The VHF ship-shore communication subsystem consists of the front-end site and control center. The control center can realize the receiving of vessel movement report, the working links with the vessels, the issuing of navigational notices and navigational warnings and other functions. The control center can also realize the formatted storage of all the voice communication records. The equipment of VHF control center can realize the centralized access and unified scheduling of all the voice communication and the interconnection and interworking of wireless/wireless and wireless/wired and other various signals.

●  The CCTV monitoring subsystem is, as per the area, divided into the monitoring of port and pier and relevant facilities and the monitoring of the coverage area of VTS radar. For the former, commonly used security prevention monitoring system can be used to properly cover the target area. For the latter, the monitoring equipment which has the linkage function with radar tracking will be used. After the operator selects a trace point target, the optoelectronic device will automatically rotate to corresponding angle and select an appropriate field angle to observe and continuously track the material object of the trace point target.

●  The AIS information fusion subsystem can provide AIS data interface and realize the fusion of AIS data and VTS radar data.

●  The information transmission and network subsystems are determined as per the geographical distribution of radar, CCTV, VHF sites and the like to transmit the radar digitized video, radar tracking data, CCTV image, VHF voice, meteorological data, network management data, telemetering and telecontrol information.

●  The data processing subsystem consists of the radar data processor and multi-sensor integrated processor. This radar data processor uses the digital video processing mode. The radar signal, after quantification, clutter processing, signal compression, target acquisition, target tracking and so on, can form integrated video, including digital video, plotting video and trace data.

The multi-sensor integrated processor, via dual-machine backup, integrates radar video information, trace data, meteorological data and all other data from each radar station, judges, tracks and integrates multiple radar targets, identifies risks, gives warning, etc.

●  The traffic display subsystem can realize the interfacing with VTS LAN, final video displaying and processing, coordinate unification, VTS MMI, storage and display of electronic sea chart/river chart, preparation of sea chart/river chart by the user, monitoring and control of various sensors and devices, etc.

●  The management information subsystem can receive the vessel movement report; record and control the docking port, passing waterway, berthing, berth shifting, anchoring, operation and other behaviors of a vessel; get the vessel data of the operating departments of the maritime safety administration and other navigation departments; record the rule-breaking behavior of a vessel in VTS area and the maritime situation; collect and assess the recorded data; provide query and retrieval services; record the services provided by the operating personnel on duty to corresponding vessels.

●  The record playback subsystem is mainly used for real-time and synchronous recording of radar digital video, trace data, VHF voice, CCTV image and the like, so as to provide reference for traffic analysis, settlement of maritime case and rescue.


      This product applies to vessel traffic management.

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