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Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Product Overview:

     Such technologies as wireless network technology, AIS technology and computer networking technology are used in the network system of AIS base station for the construction of ship-shore multi-channel communication links and monitoring management platform. Real-time information collection can facilitate the mastery of dynamic information of vessels, judgment of traffic situation and timely correction of traffic offence of vessels so as to ensure the safe navigation. Furthermore, the acquisition of accurate vessel information can facilitate the organization and implementation of vessel scheduling plan to ensure smooth navigation in the area under administration, realize the integrated management, coordination and efficient operation of shipping business, and improve the supervision and service levels of the vessels.

Product Features :

● State monitoring of vessel

Supporting the display of dynamic and static vessel information, the recording and alarming of rule-breaking acts in the restricted navigation zone, speed zone and routing zone, the track of key vessels, the grouped display of vessels, the endorsement supervision of vessels and other functions.

● Safety monitoring

Providing the active and passive safety services, with the former including the broadcasting of safety related message and the automatic sending of prompt message to the rule-breaking vessels in the restricted navigation zone, speed zone and routing zone and the latter including marine distress alarming and auxiliary rescue.

● Information storage, evidence capturing and data analysis

Having the functions of smart filtration and information storage; being capable of ensuring lossless compression storage of information; having the tamper-proof and deletion-proof capacity; enabling the maritime sector to utilize the stored information to reproduce the generating process of the event; being capable of statistical analysis of vessel navigation.

● SMS communication

Supporting the sending and receiving of Chinese and English SMSs.

● Telemetering and telecontrol of base station equipment

Supporting the monitoring of base station equipment operational condition and data link load, the management of base station configuration and the alarming of faults.

● Interface of electronic chart

Electronic chart management package supports IHO S-57/S-52/S-63 chart transmission, display, encryption standard and supports chart incremental upgrade, Chinese/English switchover, switchover between all/standard/basic display modes, display of layer filtration, editing and storage of user-defined chart, marine target query, screen information saving, chart ranging and many other functions.

Applications :

     This product applies to vessel dynamic monitoring, port traffic management, integrated navigation-aids management, vessel safety and rescue, integrated fishery administration management and so on.

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