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Fishery Administration AIS Monitoring Management System

Product Overview:

      The fishery administration AIS monitoring management system can realize the object identification, positioning and classification display between fishing boats and other vessels, thus improving the fishery department's capability in fishing boat supervision, locating the vessel suffering an accident as soon as possible, increasing success rate of rescue, enhancing the sensitivity of the vessels to the conditions of nearby sea areas, and providing the judgment basis for the "active avoidance" of vessels. It can also provide necessary auxiliary information required for safe operation and production of fishing boats via navigation aid and navigation safety radio. This system integrates data transmission, data distribution, electronic chart display, data storage, data filtering, data mining and many other technologies and is equipped with open interfaces which can facilitate the data fusion with other systems.

Product Features:

●  Providing the active and passive safety monitoring services, with the former including the broadcasting of safety related message, the automatic sending of prompt message to the rule-breaking vessels in the restricted navigation zone, speed zone and routing zone and the sending of alarm prompt message to the users in the accident-prone areas and the latter including complete solutions for marine distress alarming and emergency rescue.

●  Realizing omni-bearing monitoring of a port without blind angle and effectively preventing rule-breaking fishing boats from carrying out illegal activities in the port.

●  Networking with anti-smuggling electronic monitoring and emergency command system to realize the resource integration and share and increase monitoring coverage.

●  Comprehensively realizing the electronic management of fishing boats to ensure each boat has a unique removal-proof electronic identification card, prevent the occurrence of fake plate and thus minimize the existence of "three-without" fishing boats (without name & number, without certificate and without port of registry).

●  Establishing a seaborne fishing boat dedicated communication network along the coast with wide coverage and such functions as automatic vessel position monitoring, rescue command, electronic endorsement, mobile law enforcement, information release by taking satellite, AIS, short-wave communication as main communication means and GPS satellite positioning, computer network and electronic chart and other advanced modern technologies as auxiliary means.

●  Realizing the target identification between fishing boats and other vessels to enhance in particular the sensitivity of the fishing boats to the conditions of nearby sea areas and provide the judgment basis for the "active avoidance" of fishing boats.

●  Realizing port information share; using EDI and Internet technologies to establish e-commerce platform and realize information service functions.

●  The electronic chart management package fully supports IHO S-57/S-52/S-63 chart transmission, display, encryption standard and supports chart incremental upgrade, Chinese/English switchover, switchover between all/standard/basic display modes, display of layer filtration, editing and storage of user-defined chart, marine target query, screen information saving, chart ranging and many other functions.

●  The electronic chart highlights the operation areas as agreed in China-Korea, China-Japan and China-Vietnam fishery agreements. Therefore, the operation behaviors beyond agreed areas can be timely identified.


      This product applies to real-time management of fishery vessel, shipping fleet and the like.

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