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Very High Frequency (VHF) Secure Communication System

Product Overview:

      The very high frequency (VHF) secure communication system is one type of safety communication service in case of distress of the vessels in its coverage area. It can realize full-time receiving of distress, emergency and safety alarming information and realize rapid and reliable subsequent communication, search and rescue command communication, search and rescue coordinating communication, safety information broadcasting, provision of vessel dynamic information, daily safety management communication and the like.

Product Features:

●  Each VHF base station can, in its covered water area, realize full-time provision of vessel distress and safety communication on CH16.

●  Each VHF switching console can independently realize remote control of the transceiver working on CH16 and realize VHF radio telephone communication in case of distress.

●  Each VHF base station can perform VHF radio telephone communication under the condition of local control.

●  The transceiver of VHF base station can realize the two-way communication between the slipway and overland phone users under the condition of remote control and via manual wired/wireless forwarding; the system can record the call duration.

●  The switching control equipment, in addition to the function of wired/wireless call forwarding, can automatically record such information as calling number, called number, starting and ending time of the call and calling channel and can transmit all the information to local management terminal.

●  It can automatically record the voice communication.

●  It can select multiple VHF base stations or simultaneously select the designated VHF base station signal and broadcast the navigation safety information via the broadcast equipment.

●  Under the condition of remote or local control, it can monitor the operating conditions and fault alarm of the equipment at VHF base station.


       This product applies to marine safety communication management.

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